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Behind-The-Meter Solar

SolBid specializes in Behind-the-Meter solar energy systems where the solar energy produced is used onsite to offset the energy consumed from the electric utility to reduce costs.

Any excess power generation is back fed to the utility grid and through net-metering and tariff solar programs, businesses receive a credit.

Ground Mount

SolBid Ground Mount


SolBid Rooftop


SolBid Carport


SolBid only utilizes best-in-class PV modules and inverters that come with 20-25 year performance warranties.

Our Brands include:

QCells, Trina, Axitec, Canadian Solar, SolarEdge, CPS, RBI Solar, Everest Solar, Ecolibrium, Aerocompact, eGuage, MidNite Solar, and many others.

Solar Simplied

SolBid includes a custom media package with every solar energy system, giving your marketing team the materials they need to showcase the positive economic and environmental impact your business is having on the local community and giving your business a valuable PR and branding boost.

Media Package

Energy storage systems are composed of outdoor rated enclosure’s that include controlled heating and cooling for long lasting performance. They feature lithium Ion batteries, DC-AC inverters and an Energy Management System (EMS) specifically designed for commercial and industrial energy storage applications.


Package Includes:

  • Custom HD flyover video and imagery of the PV array.
  • Display monitor: Can be mounted in your lobby to show customers your real-time solar energy production.
  • Professionally written press-release about the solar energy installation and your environmental stewardship.

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