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Commercial Rooftop Solar

With electric rates from your utility constantly on the rise and your business continuously striving to operate more efficiently, a solar energy system for your facility makes sense. Use the wasted space on your roof to greatly reduce your operating costs and environmental impact with a turnkey solar power system from SolBid.

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Complete Energy Monitoring

Our solar energy systems come with energy production monitoring at the solar module level, but what about monitoring your businesses complete energy usage? Understanding how your business consumes power can empower you to make the right decisions towards running a more efficient and effective operation.

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Demand Response Systems

For businesses who have a demand rate structure and see energy peaks during off peak solar hours, a demand response system might be the key to reducing those charges. Our inverter and battery based demand response systems are designed to work in parallel or as a stand-alone to our solar energy systems.


Our Turn-Key Solar Energy System

SolBid provides complete turnkey rooftop solar energy systems, made up of best in class components.

SolBid Solutions

1. Brand name High-Efficiency Monocrystalline solar energy panels w/ 25yr manufacturer’s performance warranty.

2. High-Efficiency smart Inverter technology specific for commercial 3-phase systems w/ 25yr manufacturer’s extended warranty.

3. Outside PV Array power disconnect for easy access to the utility for quick shutdown and safety.

4. AC combiner panel with circuit breakers, paired with Surge protection devices to protect your facility from lightning strikes.

5. Solar energy production metering with live data streaming and email alerts from your account.

6. SolBid systems are optimized for commercial 3-phase utility interconnection.

SolBid Flat Roof


For flat roofs SolBid utilizes a non-penetrating, light weight ballast style roof mounting system.

SolBid Metal Seam

Metal Seam

For standing seam metal roofs SolBid utilizes a non-penetrating, clamp style rail mounting system.

Sloped Roof

Sloped Roofs

For shingle, tile and corrugated metal roofs SolBid uses a sealed penetrating style rail mounting system.

Real-time Energy Monitoring

All of SolBid’s solar energy systems come with real-time energy production monitoring to ensure your system is constantly operating at peak potential to maximize your ROI. The SolBid platform provides energy production data right from the customer dashboard giving you unparalleled visibility and insight into your energy production and alerts you if the system is experiencing a drop in performance.

Looking for greater visibility into your business’s electrical use? Opt for the complete energy management package and the SolBid platform can also track your running usage and demand use profiles. These metrics can be essential to businesses that are looking to fully optimize their energy infrastructure.

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