Operations and Maintenance

Ensuring ongoing operations to maximize PV system performance and energy yield

SolBid Monitoring

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

SolBid provides real-time solar energy monitoring, historical energy production reporting and virtual troubleshooting.

Warranty Claim Processing

SolBid will handle the request and logistics of any Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from the manufacturer.

Replacement Component Procurement

If any equipment fails that is not replaceable under the Manufacturer's warranty, SolBid will procure a replacement item.

Repair & Replacement Dispatch

SolBid will coordinate a professional electrical contractor to complete the inspection and/or repair of the PV system.

Preventative Maintenance Management (PMM)

As an optional service, SolBid will manage a preventative maintenance schedule for your PV system to ensure ongoing operations.


SolBid will provide the DAS Monitoring hardware and a display monitor for your location that will provide real-time energy monitoring.

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