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SolBid is designed to assist organizations and businesses who are looking to deploy a commercial solar energy system at the best possible cost

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Are you a Solar Energy Industry Professional?

Then checkout PV Project. PV Project is a bidding platform designed exclusively for professionals in the U.S. solar energy industry.

Users can post residential and commercial solar energy projects and receive multiple bids by solar energy installers.

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Education and the Environment

The Brighter Classrooms initiative is a program designed to donate solar energy systems to disadvantaged schools across the United States.

The programs mission is to free up school budgets and in return helping schools provide a better education for our children while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint and saving the environment.:

  • Reduce School’s Electric Utility Costs
  • Allocate More Budget Dollars to Education
  • Reduce Toxic Carbon Emissions
  • Increase awareness of Solar Energy Benefits

For Brighter Classrooms go here Brighter Classrooms

See what solar can do for your business

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