Solar for business simplified, anytime, anywhere!

SolBid Platform

Instant Analysis

Get an instant solar energy design and analysis, keep track of your solar installation progress and view real-time solar energy production data.

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Nationwide Service Area

Nationwide Service Area

Have more than one location? SolBid can provide commercial solar energy solutions for your facilities anywhere within the United States

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Direct Ownership

Direct Ownership

With SolBid, get the best return on your investment by owning your system directly. We provide the financing and you get 100% of the tax Incentives.

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Commercial Solar Energy

Rooftop, Ground Mount and Carports

SolBid is a commercial solar energy company that provides turnkey solar energy solutions to businesses and commercial property owners nationwide. We manage and streamline the entire solar process from analysis, finance, engineering, interconnection, deployment, and monitoring. Let SolBid do all the heavy lifting and get you the best return on investment.

Increase the bottom line while achieving sustainability goals with SolBid.

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Your Business Should Go Solar

Go Solar and Save

Going solar will significantly reduce your business's electric costs and provide access to valuable tax incentives.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improved cash flow and increased property value
  • Gainong control of energy management and production
  • Competitive advantage and increased brand awareness
  • Renewable energy source that last 25+ yrs
  • Environmentally friendly with zero carbon emissions

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