Energy Storage Systems

A Commercial Solar Systems

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Demand Response

SolBid’s Energy Storage systems are designed specifically for peak shaving loads to reduce demand charges for commercial applications. These systems can operate standalone or in parallel to a solar energy system, and are grid-tied, to maximize cost savings and efficiency.

Energy storage systems are composed of outdoor rated enclosure’s that include controlled heating and cooling for long lasting performance. They feature lithium Ion batteries, DC-AC inverters and an Energy Management System (EMS) specifically designed for commercial and industrial energy storage applications.

Eguana Technologies

Eguana’s Elevate system that leverages LG Chem batteries and Pason Power’s Intelligent EMS. Their systems provide reliability through automated protection and recovery as well as long-term performance with minimal service requirements.

These systems come in 15 kW of power and up to 39 kWh of storage and multiple units can operate in parallel, providing design flexibility for a range of project sizes.

Why Demand Response?

Electric utility companies impose Demand Rate structures to their existing consumption rates for commercial customers to ensure their energy infrastructure can support peak demand needs.

Demand Charges, or sometimes called Peak Distribution charges are typically based on an imposed rate multiplied by your maximum kW (Kilowatt) used during the monthly billing period. This monthly peak kW is determined by taking the 15 minute interval readings during peak periods.

SolBid’s energy storage systems reduce these kW peaks by supplementing the facility with stored energy during peak loads to reduce the impact to the utility grid and ultimately the Demand charge on the bill. This can lead to substantial savings.

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