The First All-In-One Commercial Solar Platform

AI-Powered Platform for designing, procuring, and deploying commercial solar

systems designed
1,093,012 kW
kW designed
48 States
nationwide capable
1.14M TC02e
carbon offset potential

National Coverage

The traditional method of procuring onsite commercial and industrial renewable energy is labor-intensive, costly, and time-consuming. SolBid automates the solar development process, enabling corporate teams to evaluate and deploy solar assets across their real estate portfolios quickly and accurately from within.

Achieve Clean Energy Goals

Rapidly assess the financial and environmental implications of potential sites for clean renewable energy projects. With the SolBid platform, you can initiate project development effortlessly with the press of a button.

Achieve Goals

Environmental Impact


Social Responsibility



Refined Process Roadmap
Design PV systems in minutes and instantly get precise insights into project financial and environmental impacts.
SolBid integrated engineers provide the engineering and utility interconnection approvals required to fulfill project delivery.
Post-engineering, accept vetted competitive bids for project construction by licensed contractors within SolBid.
Contractors install the equipment drop-shipped by SolBid and monitor real-time energy production through SolBid’s platform.


Utility Electric Rates and Programs

SolBid’s platform offers national utility programs and rate tariffs, ensuring precise financial projections and ease of use.

Solar Incentive & REC Based Programs

Solar projects are instantly matched with all federal, local, and REC-based incentives available.

EPC Pricing Down to the Line Item

The SolBid platform maintains the latest pricing for all solar engineering, equipment, and construction costs.

Explore Projects

Explore some SolBid developed projects to witness the true craftsmanship and dedication of our solution, aimed at providing the best experience in designing superior solar projects. Below is a selection of diverse projects completed using the SolBid platform.