Maximize your ROI on Installed Projects

SolBid's OEM Extended Warranty, Operations, Maintenance, and Support Plan provides peace of mind that a solar energy system will remain operational with minimal downtime over its lifetime. Maximizing energy production and meeting the manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule.

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Explore the individual benefits and discover how our extended warranty program can elevate your experience

  • The system is operated and maintained for the owner
  • No need to monitor the system for production loss and errors
  • Minimize downtime to maximize energy production and ROI
  • No need to search and source contractors to make repairs
  • No need to worry about sourcing replacement parts

From the operation and maintenance of systems we got you covered

Active remote monitoring of the solar energy system
Annual PV system inspection and maintenance
Repair coordination and dispatch of an electrical contractor
Solar inverter 20-year extended manufacturer's warranty
Virtual System Diagnostics
Access to SolBid’s O&M Support Team