Providing the best possible value for commercial and industrial enterprises.

SolBid is dedicated to helping your company reduce onsite solar project development times, costs, and risk. Achieve your clean energy, ESG, LEED, Net-Zero, and emissions reduction goals faster with SolBid.

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Our Story

SolBid, Inc. was founded in 2014 in Massachusetts, driven by a vision to address the bottlenecks prevalent in the commercial and industrial solar energy industry. The initial software platform was developed based on the team's experiences and needs, aiming to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their internal solar evaluation and project development processes.

By 2019, due to overwhelming demand, the company decided to offer its software platform to other companies, assisting them in developing their own projects and leveraging SolBid's expertise, engineering, and procurement capabilities.

In 2023, SolBid launched its platform on a national scale and is now serving some of the largest companies in the world. This expansion allows these companies to redefine their onsite solar process roadmaps using SolBid's technology and integrated stakeholders.

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The SolBid team has over 55 MW of collective commercial and industrial solar experience in-house


Continuously investing in technology improvements to make it easier for all key stakeholders


Growth-focused, consistently increasing our service area and available opportunities


Investing in our clients, your success is our success and we are heavily focused on customer support


Technology to keep overhead low, reducing our pricing to provide solar at a lower cost of ownership


Building a robust network of stakeholders across many different industries, creating collaborative opportunities


Our Mission

To accelerate the adoption of onsite solar energy assets, we are redefining the procurement methodology to make it more efficient and effective. This maximizes return on investment by significantly reducing project development costs, time, and risk.


Our Values

SolBid is committed to fostering a healthy and environmentally friendly environment. We prioritize the needs of others and strive to excel in every interaction, ensuring that our employees, partners, vendors, and customers recognize and value our dedication and loyalty.


Our Vision

Empowering a sustainable future by revolutionizing the solar industry with innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Our approach makes clean energy accessible and beneficial for all.

Empowering innovation in clean energy

Supporting the development and implementation of advanced technologies in the solar energy industry.

Transition to clean energy

Aiming to make solar energy easier and more accessible for all.

Leading Environment responsibility

Bringing together companies to accelerate clean energy deployment and minimize our carbon footprint.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction/ success

Going the extra mile beyond the software to ensure the success of every customer, partner, vendor, and contractor.